Kamala Harris Responds to Maya Rudolph's Spot-On SNL Impression: "That Girl Was Me"

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Saturday Night Live tends to shine a satirical spotlight on political news, and the season 45 premiere was no exception. On Sept. 28, the NBC comedy show cast addressed the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates for the first time, and the casting was pretty spot-on. Guest star Larry David delivered his best Bernie Sanders and host Woody Harrelson became Joe Biden, but it was former castmember Maya Rudolph who really stole the show as California Senator Kamala Harris.

Up against a stage of other candidates, Rudolph's Harris delivered familiar debate lines and sipped on cocktails as her opponents came under fire. The audience clearly loved her impression, but what did the real Harris think? It looks like she approved. Harris tweeted, "That girl being played by @MayaRudolph on @nbcsnl? That girl was me." Well played, Sen. Harris, well played.