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SNL's "Tampax Secrets" Skit Video

SNL's Cut-For-Time Sketch Begs the Question: Why Are We So Afraid to Carry Tampons?

Do you remember the first time you discreetly passed a tampon? I do. In seventh grade, I slipped one up my sleeve to sneak it into the bathroom, hoping no one saw. For some reason, we treat these pieces of plastic and cotton like the world's worst-kept secret, which is what makes Saturday Night Live's cut-for-time sketch so (sadly) funny.

Host Phoebe Waller-Bridge joins cast members Aidy Bryant and Melissa Villaseñor in a situation that's all too familiar to anyone who uses tampons. When Waller-Bridge asks for a tampon, she is instead handed a piece of dog poop — one of several "Tampax Secrets" products, which conceal tampons — 'cause one thing is obviously more publicly offensive than the other. Yes, even a dead mouse is fine to carry confidently, but don't even think about uttering the word "tampon" out loud. Watch the full sketch above to laugh at the accuracy, but remember: there's nothing wrong with holding a tampon. Period.

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