The Latest Social Media Challenge Is a Game Everyone Played as a Kid

Every few months, the internet graces us with a funny and ridiculous challenge. Last year, we had the Running Man and Mannequin challenges. So far this year, we've seen the Get Out and How Bow Dah challenges. Now, prepare to be part of the Floor Is Lava Challenge, a game straight out of your childhood.

The Floor Is Lava Challenge is easy: tell someone the "floor is lava" and that person has five seconds to find higher ground. It's a game you probably played as a kid, except now you can join everyone else on the internet and do it. According to Mic, the challenge took off when Instagram user kevinfreshwater posted a video compilation of him and his friend Jahannah James doing it. Look for examples ahead of what exactly the Floor Is Lava Challenge is, and then go try it yourself.

The original video that started the challenge.

People will try it anywhere . . .

. . . including on people!

Companies are even doing the challenge.

Prepare to do it wherever you are . . .

. . . even if you're live on the radio.

And just remember, the challenge can happen at any time.