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Arm & Hammer Lightweight Cat Litter Review

Believe It or Not, a Dust-Free Cat Litter Actually Exists

I never thought I'd find a cat litter that my kitties and I would all equally enjoy, until Arm & Hammer came up with its new Clump & Seal Lightweight cat litter. Not only does it claim to be 100 percent dust free, but it's also much lighter than typical cat litter. The question is: will my cats use it?

For the most part, my cats are pretty chill. They are not picky about food or toys and have only somewhat had issues with other litters. We've been an Arm & Hammer household almost since the day I brought Sherlock home four years ago, after trying out a few other brands and types. My cats are pretty OK with any of the granule-type litters and won't go anywhere near crystals or large chunks. The times I tried both of those, my cats looked at me like I was crazy for thinking their paws would step foot in that.

Message received; nothing but Arm & Hammer for us.

From the moment I lifted the box of the lightweight litter, I was already pretty much sold. Lugging heavy boxes of litter home from the store is almost as bad as cleaning the litter box itself. Arm & Hammer isn't joking when it says this litter is lightweight. It's actually 50 percent lighter than the regular clumping litter, thanks to what the brand refers to as "lower-density microparticles."


I filled up the litter box (it really is dust free!) and left it to my cats to decide. After a full day of use, it seemed they were perfectly happy with the litter. There was no dust when I filled up the box, there was no dust when the cats used it, and there was no dust when I emptied the box. I didn't even have to hold my breath when pouring the litter in. (That's actually a thing I do, because who wants to breathe in all that dust?)

The brand also boasts that the litter doesn't crumble in clumps and is low tracking. These are the only two things my cats and I had some issues with. Though the litter didn't crumble as much as what we're used to, it still crumbled a little bit. And as for tracking, well, my cats can manage to track anything out of their litter box. I'm convinced that their little paws can form actual fists for them to carry the litter out. So because the lightweight litter is finer particles, I found that once wet, it turned a bit clay-like and stuck to their feet rather well. Then they obviously carried it out of the box and made little wet footprints. However, I think placing a mat in front of the box would be enough to solve that problem.

Overall, I think I can speak for everyone in my house and say that Arm & Hammer's Clump & Seal Lightweight litter is a success. Though, let's be honest, I was sold after hearing "lightweight."

Image Source: Arm & Hammer
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