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Casper Dog Bed Review

My Pets Sleep on $125 Beds, and It's Totally Worth It

Casper Dog Bed Review

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It's official: I'm one of "those people" whose pets live more luxuriously than they do. It was never intentional, of course, but over the past three years, my dog has become pampered to the point where she now sleeps on a mattress that offers better lumbar support than mine. And you know what? It's totally worth it.

The Review

When Casper sent one of its newly released dog beds for my own pup to test, the first thing my boyfriend asked was: "Can they send a human mattress for us next?" It wasn't hard to see why he was jealous . . . the minimalist design and comfortable foam construction of the bed we unpacked was pleasing to the eye and instantly comfortable to the touch. Perhaps that's why celebrities like Kylie Jenner are loyal customers of Casper's mattress-to-door business model.

The new bed was intended for Pickle, my 3-year-old rescue Chihuahua, because it was designed around canine behavior to create an ideal sleep environment for dogs . . . but it became popular with another member of my household, too. Jiji, the ragdoll-mix cat that we recently adopted, found every opportunity to nap on the bed. She and Pickle began taking turns enjoying their fancy new sleeping surface, each stealing naps on the Casper bed when the other was busy with their own daily activities.

Why It's Worth It

While the price point of Casper's dog bed ($139) is certainly steeper than many would consider for their pet's sleeping situation, I'm a convert. Trust me on this: since receiving the bed, there have been serious changes in my animal family members' sleep patterns. If $125 means fewer 4 a.m. get-in-my-face-and-meow sessions or crazed midnight sprints around the living room, it's a price I'm willing to pay! Even though Pickle and Jiji are the ones sleeping on a heavenly foam mattress, it's affected my own slumber for the better.

Design-lovers will adore the mattress for an entirely different reason; available in gray, blue, and sand-beige options, the sleek design of the mattress is much more elevated than the sort of beds you typically find in pet stores. So whether you are looking for a prettier alternative to tacky pet products or want to improve your nightly routine, this is the pick for you — and Jiji would remind you to pick up one for your cat, also.

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