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Chocolate Toxicity For Dogs

Chocolate Toxicity Chart For Dogs

With all the chocolate that's bound to be lying around your house this weekend for Valentine's Day, it's important to be aware of how toxic it is for your pets. Chocolate contains theobromine, a naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean. While the amounts necessary to poison your dog vary by type of chocolate, it's the theobromine that causes the danger to pets.

Check out this handy chocolate chart showing toxicity amounts of different types of chocolate from Dog Owner's Digest. Included are important weights and amounts, making this a smart chart to print out. Calculate your pup's weight, fill in the blanks (it requires a bit of math!), and store in a safe place.

Type of chocolate 1-pound dog 10-pound dog 20-pound dog 40-pound dog
White chocolate 200 ounces 125 pounds 250 pounds 500 pounds
Milk chocolate 1 ounce 1/2 pound 1 pound 2 pounds
Sweet cocoa .3 ounces 1/6 pound 1/3 pound 2/3 pound
Baking chocolate .1 ounces 1 ounce 2 ounces 4 ounces

The average chocolate candy bar contains two to three ounces. Dark chocolate falls closest to the baking chocolate estimations whereas semisweet chocolate falls in between milk chocolate and sweet cocoa.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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