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Cute Chihuahua Pictures

Please Enjoy These 40+ Chihuahuas Who Demand to Be Carried in Your Arms at All Times

Cute Chihuahua Pictures
Image Source: Getty / May-lin Joe

Just one look at these cute Chihuahua pictures will leave you wondering why you haven't brought one home yet. Don't even pretend you weren't obsessed with the Taco Bell dog in the late '90s. Gidget the taco-loving Chihuahua had everyone who watched those commercials dying for a little pointy-eared pup of their own, and it's no surprise — Chihuahuas are adorable. With their big personalities and small statures, Chihuahuas not only stand as a national symbol of Mexico — these "purse dogs" are one of the oldest breeds in America, according to America Kennel Club. From Taco Bell's Gidget to Legally Blonde's Bruiser Woods, people can't get enough of these cuties, and all you have to do is check out the gallery to know why.

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