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Are Foxtails Poisonous to Dogs?

The Deadly Plant You Need to Keep Your Dogs Away From

Foxtail grass is a weed that can be highly toxic for your dog. The seeds of the plant are able to travel far and wide and lodge themselves inside your dog's ears, nose, and eyes. The seeds can even burrow into a dog's skin, and the problem is that they're really hard to see and remove. The seeds won't break down once they've taken hold, so it can actually lead to your dog dying if you're not super careful.

PETA gave us the following tips to ensure your dog stays safe from foxtails.

  • Remove any foxtail grass growing in your yard.
  • Keep dogs away from grassy meadows during hikes, particularly dogs with long fur and long, floppy ears as well as short, stocky dogs whose heads are right at foxtail level.
  • After walks, check dogs thoroughly for foxtails and remove any visible ones with tweezers.
  • If your dog has a sneezing fit, press gently on one side of the nose. If another sneezing fit occurs, a foxtail could be lodged inside the nasal cavity.
  • Get to the veterinarian immediately if your dog shows signs of having an embedded foxtail, such as sneezing, head shaking, red or weepy eyes, inflamed skin, limping, or licking the affected area. This is an emergency.
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