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Funny Questions People Ask About Dogs

The Weirdest Questions Dog Owners Ask About Pet Care

When it comes to owning a dog, we all have our questions. Taking care of a furry pal is no joke, and pet owners want to make sure that they're doing everything right. Sometimes those questions are totally bizarre — we were shocked when the American Kennel Club told us about some of the inquiries it receives on their Good Dog! Helpline. Check out the AKC's helpful answers to some hilarious questions from dog owners below . . . just in case you want to feed your dog ice cream.

Can I paint my dog's nails?

Although human nail polish won't kill your dog, it contains toxins like formaldehyde that may make him ill. Also think about the nail polish remover you would have to use — more chemicals. Your groomer may offer healthy alternatives to coloring your dog's nails.

Can my dog eat ice cream?

Not when it's made with milk and sugar — they're hard on the digestive tract. You're better off buying frozen yogurt-based "dog ice cream," or even making your own at home.

Does raw food turn dogs wild?

No. Food itself, whether cooked or raw, will not turn a domesticated animal wild or feral or vice versa.

Can I leave my puppy with someone else while I'm on vacation?

As long as you trust the person caring for your puppy and you provide food, collar, leash, and chew toys, your puppy will be fine and will be very excited to see you when you return.

So, I have to hold the leash when I take the dog out?

Although many people love seeing their dogs run free, leashes are a vital part of keeping your dog safe and with you.

Can I use hair color on my poodle?

Hair dye is never recommended for animals. Hair color is formulated specifically for humans (and even then it can cause a reaction). These chemicals, if used on dogs, can cause allergic reactions and chemical burns to the skin or eyes. If the dog licks the color, that can even cause internal damage. For more detailed information, please talk to a groomer.

Are all dogs greedy?

Greedy, no. Opportunistic, yes. Dogs are natural scavengers and instinctively claim resources — sustenance, water, a place to sleep and rest.

My dog doesn't want to be a lap dog — can I make him be one anyway?

You can encourage him onto your lap and reward him with things he likes while he's there, but it's not a good idea to force him somewhere he doesn't want to be. If you make the experience good enough, it'll be his idea to return to your lap. The more good experiences he has there, the more he'll like being there.

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