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Kitten Tries to Scare Owner

This Tiny Kitten Trying Really Hard to Scare Her Owner Is What the Internet Should Be For

When Twitter user @_TakivaBreanna brought her new pet home, she didn't realize she'd have to start watching her back immediately.

Turns out, her 2-month-old cat is already trying hard — like, really hard — to scare her owner at every turn.

"My 8-week-old kitten started doing this thing to where she will know I'm about to come in the room, and she will hide by the bathroom door and jump out to scare me when I'm walking up," she wrote on Twitter alongside a video of the black furball in action. "Just thought I'd share this cuteness."

Just watch as the kitty notices her owner approaching (we're not going to mention how the two seemingly make eye contact at this point), darts backward to get into prime scare position, and then jumps out, paws out, as she walks into the room.

Sure, with practice, this cat might actually pull off a few genuine scares some day, but for now, this is the perfect amount of pure sweetness the internet needs.

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