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POPSUGAR Staffers Share Why Their Dogs Are Amazing

7 POPSUGAR Staffers Reveal Why Their Amazing Pups Deserve a Treat

We've partnered with Milk-Bone® to share heartwarming tales of dogs who aren't just pets but are full-fledged members of the family.

Whether you own a teeny-tiny Chihuahua or a fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog, it's fair to say that you think your dog is the best. It's just human nature: no matter how cute they are, no other pooch could compare to your precious pup.

Still, you have to admit that other dogs out there are pretty darn adorable. After all, aren't all dogs special in their own way? To prove just how wonderful man's best friend really is, POPSUGAR staffers shared the most amazing, impressive, and all-around heartwarming stories about their dogs. And here's something all dog-lovers can agree on: these cute canines definitely deserve a Milk-Bone® treat.

The Quick Learner

"Mabel is a rescue dog from Egypt, and when I had her DNA tested, I was proud to learn that she is a 'megamutt' from a long line of mutts. I love that she looks very unique, with her big ears and tuxedo-like chest marking. She's also incredibly smart, so we have taught her lots of cute but useful commands, like 'go to bed,' 'relax,' and 'say hello.' Her hobbies include smelling things and running fast." — Nancy Einhart, VP, executive editor
The Cool Customer
"I like to say Keno is the most interesting dog in New York. He has a distinguished old-man look with his black and white hair, long beard, and intense eyebrows. We live by Wall Street, and I always joke he probably has a pretty hefty portfolio of stocks he has been hiding from us. He gets a lot of attention from tourists in the streets, but he is totally cool and tends to walk the other way or turn his back to them when they try to pet him — in the nicest way; he is never, ever aggressive. He is so independent and sometimes even ignores me a bit, but recently when I slipped and hit my knee pretty hard trying to get in the tub (get a safety mat, people, seriously!), he came running into the bathroom and sat with me until I stopped crying." — Alessandra Foresto, director, Voices
The Dog Model
"Harvey knows how to work a camera and gives me a run for my money in the hair department. He has a borderline obsession with tennis balls, enjoys long walks to the park, and is a CNN enthusiast." — Chris Anthony, VP, brand partnerships
The Heart of Gold
"Oprah just makes everything in life better. She's so cuddly and loving with everyone that it'll melt your heart in 0.2 seconds. She's never met a blanket she didn't like (or bury herself under), she loves to stare at you for awkwardly long periods of time, and she loves to copy what other dogs do in the park to make new friends. And that puppy belly doesn't hurt either!" — Caitlin Gallagher, editor, Voices
The Champion Cuddler
"Our pup Lexie likes to burrow — she climbs under the duvet every night and first sleeps next to my husband, Nathan, and then beside me in the hours before our alarm rings. Even sweeter, when we first settle onto the couch in the evenings, she'll paw at my leg like, 'Snuggle, please?' I'll grab a throw blanket, and she'll nestle in beside me. It's so soothing after a stressful day." — Karen Snyder Duke, editor, Voices
The Polite Pooch
"Bernie is a rescue from Social Tees, and adopting him was the best decision I ever made. I swear he's more human than dog . . . and he NEVER barks, a huge blessing living in NYC. He's the most laid-back and loving dog and would sit in my lap all day if he could!" — Samantha Litvack, director, brand partnerships

The Gentle Giant

"I have a large black lab named Yogi. He is one of my best friends . . . I love Yogi because he sleeps with me at night like a person and always carries my unicorn slippers around but never fully chews them up — it's much appreciated." — Murphy Moroney, assistant editor, Moms
Credits: Photography (from top): Nancy Einhart, Neil Foresto, Chris Anthony, Caitlin Gallagher, Karen Snyder Duke, Samantha Litvack, Murphy Moroney
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