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Retirement Home For Dogs in Japan

Retirement Home For Dogs Lets Senior Pups Live Their Last Days Comfortably

When our dogs get to be old and sickly, it can be hard to decide what to do with them. Many people know that to prolong the dogs' lives, they need a lot of care, which is sometimes not feasible. And many dog owners want to keep their dogs alive as long as they can. This is where Japan's Roken Honpo comes in. This retirement community — so to speak — is specially designed for senior dogs to get the care and assistance they need at the end of their lives and gives owners an alternative to having them put down unnecessarily. Akiko Hoshino has a 17-year-old Shiba Inu that can't walk on her own anymore, according to the International Business Times. Hoshino opted to put her dog in Roken Honpo's care, because while she's old and sickly enough to need extra care, she's not so sick that she needs to be put down.

The facility, run by Mie Kawaguchi and a team of dedicated dog-lovers, deals with various ailments in the dogs they care for, including Alzheimer's, joint problems, and vision issues. But they devote the time and care these old dogs need. The dogs are also seen very regularly by a vet to ensure that everything that can be done to help them is being done. And while this retirement facility can be costly for people to put their dogs into (about $660 per month), it can help prolong their lives in a comforting way. In the grand scheme of things, what's a little extra money if it means you get to spend more time with your best friend? Sounds worth it to us.

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