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Should I Get a Fish?

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PetSmart believes pets make us better people, and we couldn't agree more. If your pet personality doesn't fall into the cat or dog category, you may want to consider something with fins. Figure out if your true spirit animal is a fish!

Ever wonder what kind of pet personality you are? The fluffy wonders of kittens are hard to resist, dogs are beyond loyal, but what about the other lovable species in the animal kingdom, namely those that live underwater? Think less fur, more fin.

Here are seven signs that your spirit animal may very well be a fish.

  1. You don't really feel like walking yourself, let alone your pet, more than once a day. You prefer CrossFit or gym time to having to wake up at the crack of dawn and slowly pace around the block.
  2. You like your personal space and not having anything up in it. Close talkers, crowded buses, and animals, no matter how cute, up in your face or on your lap just aren't your thing.
  3. You're a bit of a neat freak and love everything in your home to have its place. Face it, you love having things look a certain way so you can know where everything is and flex your organization muscle. The words "shelving system" send you into a blissful frenzy, and let's not even get into label makers. Pets that leave a trail of toys, or shed hair, aren't for you.
  4. You're always pushing for the aquarium when everyone else is voting to take a trip to the zoo. Who wants to look at lions when you can go check out the shark exhibit, right?
  5. Finding Nemo is your jam. And yes, you will be going to see Finding Dory opening weekend.
  6. You don't always feel the need to go in for a cuddle. You may not be considered the touchy-feely type, and that's OK. You show your love in other, long-distance ways.
  7. You live a zen lifestyle. "Keep it calm" is your motto, especially inside your home. You like to create a peaceful ambiance in your living space. Whether you live in a dorm room, an apartment or a house, a fish tank is a soothing and relaxing element that will fit right into your life.

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