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Summer Barbecue Tips For Dogs

The Hidden Dangers in Your Backyard Barbecues

The Fourth of July fireworks might still be to come this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't other Summer dangers to watch out for when it comes to our pups. Believe it or not, there are hidden hazards at your common backyard barbecue, and we want to share them with you so you and your pets can be as safe as possible.

  • Give him a haven. Just like when fireworks are happening and when any other event is happening, make sure your pet has a safe place to hide, away from any festivities or people. Not all animals are comfortable during celebrations, so just be sure he has a place to go with food and water.
  • Be proactive. If you decide to have friends and family over for any kind of get-together that may involve coming and going from your house, make sure your pet is microchipped in case he slips out when a family friend leaves the front door open too long. Your pets should also be wearing collars and tags, despite how much they may hate them. Having a collar and tag on, even just during the festivities, could save an animal's life.
  • Put up a sign. If you do plan to be in your yard and it happens to be fenced in with a gate, put up a sign to let your guests know you have a dog in the yard. This should remind them to keep the gate closed so your pet stays in.
  • Keep grilled food for yourself. The amount of sodium, fat, and potentially toxic seasonings found in human food from the grill can be dangerous for your pets. Instead of feeding your pets your food, make sure they have something specifically for them, like Nudges Grillers or Nudges Sizzlers, all-natural dog treats that taste and smell like they came straight off the grill.
  • Keep the garbage sealed. There are so many things in your garbage that are harmful to your pets. Anything from chicken bones to leftover chocolate brownies are very toxic for your animals. Also, you shouldn't want your pets eating out of the garbage anyway. Make sure you have a lid on the garbage can or that it is in a place your pets can't get to.
  • Keep toxic fluids and flames away. Make sure your pets can't get anywhere near any grilling supplies, like lighters, lighter fluid, and charcoal, or any insect repellant. All of this will be very harmful for your pet. Also make sure they aren't near the grill while it is lit. You don't want them to get burned!

If you keep all these tips in mind, you can definitely have a superfun backyard barbecue with your family, your friends, and your favorite furry pals.

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