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Toucan Nation Documentary

Costa Rican Community Bands Together to Help Toucan in Need

In Animal Planet's newest documentary, Toucan Nation, a toucan named Grecia with a mutilated beak is given a second chance at a healthy life. Filmmaker Paula Heredia went to Costa Rica after hearing of Grecia's story on an NPR station in New York. She said she knew this story was having an impact "among the scientists, the citizens, the legislators, and even the president of Costa Rica."

According to what Heredia shared with us, someone cut off the top piece of Grecia's beak, though they couldn't be sure who because the country does not penalize those who commit animal abuse. However, Heredia said, "the case of Grecia fueled activists to make a better law." And that is a large part of Heredia's documentary, along with Grecia's arrival at the rescue center and the process of fitting the bird for a 3D-printed beak.

In the process of the people of Costa Rica saving Grecia and getting him suited up with a brand-new beak that would change his life, they also banded together to fight for animal rights. "I hope that their example inspires people around the world to take action around the issues that concern them," Heredia said.

Watch the trailer for the inspiring documentary above, and make sure to tune in to Animal Planet on Aug. 24 at 10 p.m. to see Grecia's life change forever.

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