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Video of a Baby Kitten Drinking From a Bottle

I Don’t Think There’s Much Cuter Than This Newborn Kitten Drinking From a Bottle

Avalon is a newborn kitten of a four-cat litter who is being cared for by Cathy Carlson, who fosters neonatal kittens in Southern California. And as if a kitten of Avalon's size isn't cute enough, crawling around and learning how to cat, this video Cathy posted of the tiny little one drinking from a bottle with paws splayed is perhaps one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Prepare to watch this video on repeat upwards of 40 times, and I hope you have some additional spare time, because Cathy's Instagram account is chock-full of adorable little baby kitties doing their sweet kitten things — it's sure to suck you in.

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