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Viral Photo of Sad Dog on Halloween

Heartbroken Pit Bull Just Wants Someone to Pet Him on Halloween

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting all dressed up for a big night full of high expectations only to be let down. This poor Pit Bull pup experienced exactly that this Halloween, when he put on his spookiest costume to greet trick-or-treaters and waited for the pets to roll in. According to his human, no one was brave enough to give this handsome little devil any attention. The heartbreaking photos of this melancholy dog have gone viral on Twitter with over 20,000 retweets and hundreds of concerned repliers expressing their deepest sympathies and very real tears.

Saddest spooker

Though the pictures might be tear-jerkers, it looks like he is plenty loved and cared for, so we shouldn't worry about this pup too much. Besides, we have a feeling he won't have any trouble getting the attention he deserves next Halloween.

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