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Viral Video of Pug Dog Falling Into a Pool After Stretching

This Dog Fell Into a Pool After Napping Too Close to the Edge, and Thank God There’s Video

You know those really good stretches that come after a nap? A dog owner who goes by the name Stiles on Twitter shared a video of his dog, who was indulging in such a stretch, and it's going absolutely viral because right in the middle of the stretch, said doggo falls clean into the pool it was napping beside. The backyard security footage from July 11 shows the pooch waking up from its nap, stretching, rolling into the pool — you can tell by its face that it was not ready — and doggie paddling itself to the edge, and even though we feel a little bad for the little pug, it's the most hysterical thing we've seen in a while.

Watch the full video above and prepare to laugh — unfortunately at this pooch's expense, but it's OK, the pupper's safe and sound and drying off inside the house now.

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