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The Worst Dog Breeds For Small Apartments

These 10 Dog Breeds Probably Won't Love Your Cozy Apartment as Much as You Do

The Worst Dog Breeds For Small Apartments
Image Source: Getty / filadendron

When you're looking to get a dog, it's important to consider the space you're living in — not every breed does well in a small apartment. Narrowing your puppy wish list down based on which breeds are best suited for your living space is essential to ensuring that you and your dog will both be comfortable and happy. If you live in a smaller space, there are plenty of cute canines that will be perfectly comfortable to curl up in your cozy apartment, but on the flip side, there are certain dogs that really do need room to roam free. Ahead, we've rounded up the dog breeds that won't love living in a small apartment, so you can make sure to give your pup all they space need (and more)!

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