Run, Don't Walk! Aldi's Selling Halloween Cat Houses For Just $8

Attention, cat owners: you may want to run — nay, full-on sprint — to the nearest Aldi right meow, because Halloween-themed cat houses are on store shelves, and they're selling out like crazy. These festive cardboard contraptions are easy to assemble and include both catnip and two scratching pads to keep your furry friend entertained while you binge-watch Halloween movies. The outside of each house is decorated with spooky designs, and there are multiple windows for your kitty to peek through and gaze at you lovingly (see: likely despondently) for blessing them with such a fun dwelling.

The best part? They only cost $8, which is about half the price of other similar cat houses on the market this season. Thank you, Aldi, for selling such affordable finds so we can spend our hard-earned dough on the finer things in life like, y'know, copious amounts of Halloween candy.