How Is This Dog More Skilled and Precise at Playing Jenga Than Me?

Competitive as I may be, I'm 100 percent OK with admitting that Secret the Australian Shepherd could totally school me in a game of Jenga. A 5-year-old pup with quite the Instagram following, Secret is winning over the internet again after an old clip of her playing Jenga has resurfaced on social media.

In the above video, originally shared on Instagram last June, Secret crushes a round of the classic game against her owner, Mary. Using her mouth, the well-trained doggo slowly but surely removes three different wooden blocks from the stack without knocking it over, patiently waiting for her turn each time. Secret may not place each piece back on top of the tower as the game typically requires, but her concentration, precision, and motor control is still worthy of all the belly rubs and treats.

Jenga isn't the only impressive skill Secret has mastered through the years. The talented pooch is also a pro at sledding, making cookies, doing yoga, and dancing, among other activities. Is she the goodest girl you've ever laid eyes on or what?!