Meet Zappa the Cat, the Chicest Feline You'll Ever Find on Instagram

From dogs and cats to more peculiar house pets like hedgehogs and pigs, there's no such thing as following too many animal Instagram accounts. And we just found our newest obsession, Zappa the Cat! The four-legged feline hails from the Netherlands, and we aren't joking when we say her closet is probably more fashionable than all of ours put together. On Zappa's profile, you can find photoshoots sporting brands like Chanel, Supreme, and even Gucci!

When Zappa isn't posing in pink sweaters and colored spectacles or in holiday-themed outfits for her 119K followers, you can find her cozying up next to her mom, Lana Vermeegan (@lanavermeegan) who runs Zappa's account. Keep scrolling to see some of Zappa's most sophisticated yet fashionable looks, you're going to want to follow her immediately!