Someone Dressed Their Cat as a Chia Pet For Halloween, and Honestly, It Looks Pissed

It's one thing to dress your pet up for Halloween in a funny costume, but it's an entirely separate thing to get your dog or cat to feel jazzed about it. Draping a sheet over your Golden Retriever and watching them clumsily step all over it in order to look like a ghost typically doesn't last more than a few seconds — I know from experience — but sometimes owners come up with something so creative that it's worth finding a way to get your animal to keep it on. Like the owner of this Persian cat, who turned their sweet little feline into an actual Chia pet.

Walter Bishop, as he's known on Instagram, is no stranger to the perils of his owner's costuming. A quick stroll on his account shows him posing in all sorts of looks. But nothing has stolen our attention — and our heats — like seeing him dressed as the iconic Chia pet. Covered in leaves from head to paw, he sits patiently for his Halloween photo but makes it clear he's not happy about this one.