I Can’t Breathe Over This Video of a Cat Sleeping With a Microphone in His Face

Nya, a Scottish Fold cat, loves naps, like most other cats. During a few recent naps, his owner wasn't able to leave the cute slumbering cat alone, but rather than pet him or cuddle him, they put an autotune microphone up to Nya's mouth and snoring nose, and the result is the purest hilarity.

In the two videos Nya's owner, a cat photographer, posted to Instagram, the sweet boy can be seen sleeping soundly, before noises equivalent to that of an elephant come blaring out of the microphone. And they're so funny, even his owner can't keep it together — you can see their hand that's holding the mic start to rattle as the camera begins to shake with their laughter. Watch both videos — above and below — to see what we mean, and good luck holding it together as you watch.

We can't wait for Nya to drop another single soon, ha!