This Cat's This or That Challenge Video Hilariously Sums Up the Life of a Feline

We always get a kick out of lighthearted TikTok challenges, but involve a cat, and we perk up even more. Recently, a woman named Erika attempted the This or That Challenge with her kitty, Milo, and anyone with a four-legged pal at home can relate.

Milo, who has been lovingly dubbed a "chonk" — or a big cat who prefers naps and snacks to playing with toys — shared his preferences when it comes to common kitty habits. Between pretending like he's always starving, waking up his human at 3 a.m., and playing with random Q-tips, we have a feeling our felines would quickly befriend him.

So far, the adorable clip has racked up nearly 427,000 likes on TikTok. Between his sweet face and clear penchant for mischief, it's no wonder people are watching the video on repeat.