A Woman Dressed Up as a Cat Scratcher For Halloween, and My Cats Would Have Lost Their Minds

Meow! Halloween 2019 hasn't even happened yet, and I already know what I'm being in 2020 thanks to a couple from Missouri. Katelyn Kuhn and her boyfriend, Nick White, are going viral for their cat-themed couples costume, and even if you're not a cat person, it's not hard to see why. In a photo posted to Facebook, Nick can be seen dressed up as a giant gray cat, complete with fuzzy leg warmers and a cardboard cat head cutout, but really, it's Katelyn who steals the show. Wrapped up in what looks like pieces of beige carpet and twine, Katelyn completely nailed her role as Nick the cat's giant cat scratcher tower, and you've got to give her all of the points for DIY creativity. See the couple's costume in all its glory in the photo above.