I'd Very Much Like to Be the Ninth Member of This Husky Pack — Where Can I Sign Up?

When I was younger, I wanted my life to be like Eight Below, the movie about a group of sled dogs and their special bond with their guide — minus being trapped in an arctic snowstorm. But seriously, who didn't want a whole pack of furry friends? Fast forward to 2020, and I discover a family basically living out my dreams in New Hampshire with a house full of eight Siberian huskies. Call me a little jealous!

Nova, Akira, Mina, Sienna, Trevao, Cyrus, Cyprus, and Tundra make up the pack and range in age from 1 to 6 years old. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can integrate myself into their lives. Though I've decided if I can't have them, I'll settle for the next best thing and obsessively follow them on social media. Lucky for all of us, their owners document a lot of the pups' lives on Instagram and TikTok (@eight_fluffytails). Take a look at these 30 pictures and videos of some of their cutest moments, and tell me you're not in love with them, too!

8 Fluffy Tails

The account name is nothing if not honest. Look at those fuzzy behinds!

Marshmallow Dogs

That ombré though.

Birthday Ice Cream

A rainbow nose and those eyes? C'mon!


That other stuff really doesn't matter, right?

Sweet Tundra

The youngest member of the pack on the day he came home!

A Dog Challenge?

Challenge complete.

Family Photo on the Front Porch

From now until forever, this is the only sight I want to come home to.

Walk Time

Imagine being out and seeing this whole unit coming toward you. What a dream.


Why do I get the feeling naptime would be so much better with eight pooches next to me?

Jeepers Creepers

But seriously, where did you get those eyes?

Sienna, the Public Health Queen

Look at her doing her part to flatten the curve!

A Squirrel in the Backyard?

Gotta make sure everyone gets a peek!

When You Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like P. Diddy

Can I start the official petition to get a whole music video remake with her?

Do You Want to Go Outside?

Their excitement is music to my ears.

Snuggles For Everyone

What I wouldn't do to join in on these cuddles.

Hecking Good Sit Check

Am I the only one who finds their color coordination with the rug incredibly aesthetically pleasing?

Happy Boy

This would 100 percent be my face if I ever got to meet these babies in person.

Sibling Anthem

Catch me watching this over and over until I've got everyone's name and face memorized.

Always Watching

The fact that they're all looking at the camera is impressive enough on its own.


No, I definitely did not put my nose against my phone when I first saw this picture.

Instagram vs. Reality

Hey, I only see perfection, OK?

Treat Time

Also my reaction when someone hands me a big bowl of ice cream.

Have You Ever Seen Such a Beautiful Dog?

Truly, no.

Rocking a Fresh 'Do

How could you not love this precious soul?

The Floofgates

Their patience amazes me.

Playtime in Nature!

This looks like the most fun game of hide-and-seek ever.

The Reason For My Happiness?

Definitely them too.