This Tired Dog Fell Asleep Between a Basket and a Wall and He Deserves a Damn Award For This

I'm a difficult sleeper. In order for me to fall asleep, I need to have a white noise machine on, be wearing ear plugs, have a weighted pillow over my eyes, and the room needs to be cool. It goes without saying that I envy anyone or anything who can catch their Zs anywhere — in fact, I regularly find myself telling my own dog this very thing. And while dogs are notorious for being able to nap all day long with the lights on and with people talking in the background, one dog certainly deserves an award for being able to relax in what seems like the most uncomfortable spot imaginable.

In a video posted on Instagram, we see a Shiba doggy smushed in between the rounded edge of a plastic basket and a wall. Not only does he get so comfortable that he falls asleep, but he actually starts snoring — that's how relaxed he is. I am beyond jealous!