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The Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review

I Never Thought I'd Utter the Words "Luxury Dog Crate," but Here We Are

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Dogs are fun. Their traditional wire crates aren't: They're eyesores. They're loud. They pinch fingers. They scratch up furniture and walls.

But my new large Diggs Revol dog crate ($375-$675) doesn't do any of that. The brand designed its luxury dog crate — don't laugh, there's really no other way to describe it — with style, functionality, and safety in mind, and that first part was evident the moment my dog Teddy and I opened the box.

Its sleek, rounded design blends in with most any aesthetic, and it comes in four neutral, complementary colorways. As for safety, the Revol's diamond-shaped wire pattern on the side panels (which, I should stress, don't need to be handled to transport the crate) help defend against stuck paws or teeth.

Diggs thought of just about everything from a functionality standpoint. The Revol's dual-lock front-door handle is easy on fingers and defends against any brilliant escape artists (they exist, I'm told). It has a garage-style side door ideal for crate training and dogs with mobility issues. And there are two more doors — a pair of panels on the roof that swing open to offer easy access to your pet or anything you might want to remove from the crate (consider this next time you have to suffer through the indignity of crawling on all fours to the back of your regular crate to fish out a chewed-up wrapper you swear you tossed in the trash).

Oh, it also comes with a puppy divider that lets you increase your dog's space as they grow and a slide-out bottom tray should any accidents occur.

Now for the best part: the Revol's breezy breakdown.

A big dog (Captain T last weighed in at 95 pounds; we're working on it) means a big crate. And a big, traditional wire dog crate just means the loud, finger-pinching experience of breaking down, schlepping, and reassembling T-Bone's bone zone is all the more excruciating.

Now I never have to wince over wires again. With the flick of a few buttons, the turn of a knob, and a gentle push downward, the crate collapses on itself. And with a comfortable pull-out handle and a set of attached wheels, the Revol doesn't need to be hoisted off the ground to move around your place. Plus, its plastic rounded edges mean room-to-room transport won't risk scratching up walls and furniture. All of this makes it great for the home that just can't spare the space for a whole dog crate when its supposed occupant is hogging the couch or a human's bed.

As for the downsides, I can come up with just two. First, while breakdown is so much easier with the Revol, it doesn't get quite as compact as an all-wire crate and is much heavier. This isn't a huge deal with the three smaller sizes, but the large version of the crate that my fluffy cannonball of a garbage disposal requires doesn't fit in the trunk of my SUV, meaning it'd have to go on the roof (no easy feat, as the biggest crate comes in at 53 pounds; the smallest is 25 pounds) or on top of the collapsed back seat, which we sort of need upright to serve as Ted's road bed.

So I'm gonna hang onto my old crate in case any longer road trips require me to really maximize space in the car. There are just too many features packed into the Revol to allow it to flatten out the way a hunk of wires can.

Finally, considering the cost of all-wire crates, the Revol is quite pricey — $675 for the largest version and $375 for the smallest. While I'm going to cherish the Revol that Diggs was kind enough to send my way for my review, I'm not sure I would've sprung for it. That's not to say the Revol isn't worth its price tag, just that it is out of a lot of people's — most people's, I'd wager — price range.

With that said, if you have the means, I highly recommend it.

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