Disney+'s Pick of the Litter Will Follow 6 Dogs on the Path to Becoming Guide Dogs

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In addition to classic Disney films and Disney Channel Originals and shows, Disney+ is launching plenty of original content, including a series called Pick of the Litter about six Labrador Retrievers in training to become guide dogs. When the series comes out on Disney+ in December, we'll be introduced to Paco, Pacino, Tartan, Tulane, Amara, and Raffi as they each embark on their missions to become service dogs.

By the look of the trailer, a few of these adorable pups will struggle with their journeys, but ultimately, the fact that they had loving families willing to train them to help humans in need is a sweet and inspiring story no matter what happens (but we're definitely rooting for them all to succeed!). Watch the trailer above, and get ready to follow their stories on Dec. 20 on Disney+.