Not to Be Dramatic, but This Dog's Froot Loops Costume Is the Only Halloween Costume That Matters

Every day, I get more and more impressed by the level of creativity that goes into some of the pet costumes floating around on the internet. For a moment, I thought nothing could possibly top this dog who absolutely nailed his ambulance costume (sirens and all), but I was proven wrong once I came across real footage of another good boy dressed up as a bowl of Froot Loops.

The dog in question, seen in the video above, is a Golden Retriever named Benny. Judging by his face, we can all assume the pup wanted absolutely nothing to do with whatever was going on with this costume, but he was being a good sport about it anyway. By the looks of it, Benny's owner put his costume together using colored foam for the actual Fruit Loops, lots of aluminum foil for the spoon, and a cone collar for the bowl. Someone deserves an award for this creativity . . . and it's obviously Benny.