These 20+ Dog Training TikToks Will Inspire You to Teach Your Dog a New Trick

If you've been scrolling on TikTok for way too many hours a day like me, chances are you might've seen Bunny, the dog who can speak to her owners using programmed buttons on the floor. She'll say, "Later. Outside," or a "Bunny. Love." It's hard to believe at first, but the more videos I see of her, the more I think . . . training my dogs to do that doesn't seem too hard (though I know I'll never do it, or they'd be clicking the food button all hours of the day).

As with the abundance of other things TikTok has made me want to try for no reason — from checking how clean my clothes are to freezing my cereal — the darn app now has me bookmarking tricks to teach my dog who I don't even live with anymore. If you ever thought training your dog was hard, watch these dog trick TikToks make it easy. Some of them are more essential than others, like tricks for basic good behavior, but with enough hard work, you can learn how to teach your dog to run up a wall or jump in your arms — yes, really. Keep reading to find out how!

Train Your Dog to Play Dead

Teach Your Dog to Find Your Wallet

Teach Your Dogs to Close Doors

Teach Your Dog to Throw Out Trash

Train Your Dog to Wall Jump

Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Teach Your Dog to Wave

Train Your Dog to Leave a Treat Alone

Teaching the "Hold It" Trick

Teach Your Dog to Cover Their Nose With Their Paw

Teach Your Dog to Spin

How to Get Your Dogs to Listen to Tricks Without Hand Signals

Teach Your Dog to Fetch You a Beer

Teach Your Dog to Jump Over Your Arms

Teach Your Dog to Crawl

Teach Your Dog to Look Out the Window

Teach Your Dog the "Dog Catcher" Trick

Teach Your Dog to Wipe His Paws