The Dog Park Was Closed, and This French Bulldog's Wails of Protest Have Me Cry-Laughing

You can't always get what you want, but that didn't stop Walter Geoffrey the French Bulldog from complaining loudly. Walter was devastated when he found out that his favorite dog park was closed for maintenance, and his owner shared a video of the pet's reaction on Instagram. "You better find me another option ASAP, Bish," Walter's owner captioned the post. In the video, Walter is so devastated that he immediately launches into wails of protest from the back seat — and the oddly human sound of his howls has me crying with laughter (sorry, Walter).

"Look, we can go ahead and call the manager or we can go on Yelp, because you are definitely a five-star dog living in this two-star world, and it's not fair," his owner assures him. Walter, absolutely exasperated by the injustice of it all, finally agrees to go home. Whether or not the dog park has opened up yet, we hope this diva good boy gets the chance to stretch his little legs and enjoy some time in the sunshine soon.