A Dog and Chicken Are BFFs, Charge For Kisses and Eyeball Pecks, Respectively, and You Just Have to See This Pic

If there's one thing dogs are known for, it's kissing, and slobbering, and slobber-kissing. Some people don't like the sticky residue that's left after a good smooch from a pupper, but others would do anything for some doggy love. Like pay for it!

In this hilarious picture we found on Instagram user's @drinkingwithchickens page, her dog stands inside of a kissing booth offering his services to people for just 25 cents a lick. A steal! But it's certainly not the only hilarious thing happening in this scene. Squatting on his turf is none other than a chicken — you read that right — who, based on the sign, considered also selling his kisses but then realized what he's really good for: pecking eyeballs. Luckily, eyeball pecking is free, so if you don't have a quarter on hand for the pup smooch, you can always go the way of the bird.