I'm Howling Over This Hipster Dog Halloween Costume, Complete With a Tattoo Sleeve

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Urban Outfitters is always a reliable source for trendy Halloween costumes, but this year, we're particularly obsessed with the retailer's dog costumes — and even more particularly, this hipster-inspired choice. Made for the pooch "who's always insisting they're the coolest one in the room," the costume includes a red and black plaid shirt, "jeans" with a tail hole, an adjustable baseball cap, and yes, even two tattoo sleeves so your furry friend can look like the inked-up hipster they may have been in a past life. All that's missing is a mug of free-range, 100-percent-organic, 200-percent-overpriced coffee and a disposable camera for documenting photos of said coffee.

The costume comes in four different sizes, so doggos ranging from six to 45 pounds can fulfill their hipster fantasies while trick-or-treating this Halloween. Shop the totally-not-mainstream getup from Urban Outfitters ahead, and if you're still in the mood for more cute pet costumes after, check out our favorite picks from Target for 2019.

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