These 4 Huskies Are So Still For Family Photos, We Can’t Believe It!

Say hello to Atlas, Archer, Embry, and Cymber, four Husky fur siblings that you're about to fall madly in love with. The dogs, who have their own Instagram account, fluffyhuskytales, appear constantly in adorable photos, but it's the group shots that we're most impressed by — they're the most well-behaved, still dogs we've ever seen! In each sweet group photo, all four dogs can be seen — for the most part — staring at the camera (and likely at an enticing treat or two), waiting for their human to snap the picture.

They're so dang cute, we'll let the photos speak for themselves. Keep scrolling to get a peek at these Very Good Doggos.

Pictures of the 4 Huskies — Atlas, Archer, Embry, and Cymber — Posing Together