Watch This Shelter Cat Do the Most to Snuggle Up With a Little Boy Who’s Reading to It

Like it can with kids and babies, research shows that reading can have a calming effect on animals, which is why the Animal Humane Society (AHS) started a full-on program called Rescue Readers in which people can sign up to read to shelter animals. For Finn, one of the AHS's Rescue Readers, one particular reading session proved just how beneficial reading to a shelter animal could be, when he read a story to a cat who was positively thrilled that someone was there to snuggle and read to him.

In a video from 2017 that's making its rounds on Facebook again, Finn can be seen reading to one of the shelter cats, who nuzzles the young boy emphatically as he flips the pages. It's clear that in terms of socialization and calming effects, this encounter was a perfect example of what the Rescue Reader program seeks to accomplish. Watch the video of Finn reading to this sweet kitty above — they are such a cute pair!