This Man Helping His "Frustrated" Cat Catch a Moth Is Teamwork at Its Cutest

Whenever a creepy crawler presents itself in my home, whether it be a fly or a spider or a centipede (sorry, I shudder just thinking about those slick little buggers), I immediately call for my dog. I don't know why because as much as I love my pup, she is positively useless when it comes to protecting me from any insect of any form. At most she'll try to nuzzle it with her nose, but at worst, when I try to physically adjust her gaze toward the infiltrator, she'll look around as if she can't even see it before casually exiting the room and thereby leaving me to enact plan B, which usually involves a shoe and a lot of shrieking.

So, I am positively jealous of the man whose hard-working cat is so eager to oversee pest control that she actually gets upset when she can't reach the bug in question.

In a video posted to Reddit, the kind cat owner can be seen holding up his pet as she bats at a moth fluttering through the air.

"Cat was getting frustrated that she couldn't get the moth, so I had to help out," he wrote in a caption.

Watching these two work in tandem to take down a common enemy is a sight to behold, particularly when a final swat from the cat leads to their mutual victory. If only my dog could make eye contact with my screen to take a few pointers from this . . .