Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Adopted a Third Dog! See Photos of All Their Pets

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are dads to twins Gideon and Harper, but did you know that they also have three adorable pups? Despite David and Neil's hectic schedules, they're never shy about sharing snaps of their four-legged friends on social media.

According to Neil, their pets truly round out their family. "Having these sweet dogs that are able to cuddle with you and give you unconditional love is important," he told People in November 2020. In fact, these dads love their dogs so much, they even made them their own Instagram accounts.

Whether they're vegging out on the couch together or going for long walks as a family, it seems like their doggos — Gidget, Spike, and Ella — are always front and center. Scroll ahead to learn everything we know about Neil and David's pets.


Neil and David adopted Gidget, a then-6-month-old terrier mix, from the North Shore Animal League in 2016 as a gift for their children. The focus of tons of the family's Instagram photos, Gidget "is a bit of a show dog," said David. "She can dance, shake, and roll over." Blessed with a sharp sense of humor for a dog, her Instagram bio reads, "Their kids want pics of me online... who am I to bitch?"


Adopted from the North Shore Animal League, Spike is a "puppy influencer," according to his Instagram profile. Although we aren't sure when the chihuahua and french bulldog mix officially became part of the family, he made one of his first appearances on NPH's Instagram in December 2019.

Apparently, the pup loves nothing more than following Gidget around. "Spike adores Gidget. He follows her around and chews on her and just like a little brother," David said. "If Gidget barks at something, Spike will stop whatever he's doing and run over and see what it is. He just follows her around."

While Spike has become a beloved fixture in Neil and David's life, he's not above leaving little "presents" around the house for his owners. "Well, when it's cold outside, no one really wants to take a crap in the wilderness. I understand that," Neil explained. "But that's my next goal. If anyone listening can help us figure out how to keep our floors clean . . ."


The latest addition to this dog-loving household is an adorable golden retriever puppy named Ella that Santa brought the family on Christmas morning.

Neil announced the good news in an Instagram post. "Oh Santa, what have you done?? On Christmas morning, @dbelicious and I watched Gideon and Harper open a box filled with... a golden retriever puppy," he wrote. "Her name is Ella, and she has pretty much taken over our lives. She's curious, clumsy, and sublime. Except for when she's peeing everywhere. Or gnawing on everything. Which is always. Methinks we need some training. But first, I must go cuddle. Thanks, Santa. You rule."

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