A Man Turned All of the Photos He Has of His Cat Staring at His Food Into a Calendar

Anyone who owns cats is probably well aware that the second the scent of chicken — or, god forbid, tuna! — hits the air, they all come running. While it can certainly be annoying when you're trying to enjoy your dinner, it's also the slightest bit endearing. Tom Cunningham, a man from England who's familiar with this phenomenon, loves sharing his meals with his girlfriend's 8-year-old cat, Smokey. In fact, he enjoys eating with Smokey so dang much, he's gone as far as making a calendar for his girlfriend with some of the photos he's taken of his four-legged friend.

"She adores our cat, the cat adores food, so I figured it would be a nice little keepsake," Tom told POPSUGAR. "I taught him how to sit at the dinner table, which she noticed when I was not around, so I had to deny all knowledge. He is very friendly once he gets to know you. He loves to play hide and seek and has a very broad appetite!"

Ahead, get a look at all of the precious meals Tom has shared with Smokey. There's just something about a photo of a cat with a burrito that makes us smile ear to ear.