Pug Paradise Exists, and It's Filled With Wrinkly Old Pugs in Costumes

If you live for Pugs, you should already be following Bubblebecca Pugs on Instagram. If you haven't yet clicked that "like" button, for shame! The UK-based account belongs to a rescue center that matches families with wayward Pugs (plus the occasional French Bulldog). While most of the Pugs stay at the home for a short time before adoption, the organization's owners end up taking in the older Pugs who require more medical attention.

This squad of 30-plus Pugs live in the lap of luxury, with their own pool, playground, and oversize doghouse known as "Jurassic Pug." They also dress up for every holiday, as well as some random days just for fun. What Pug wouldn't want to be a pineapple? Take a look at the cutest Pug pictures ahead, then follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Eat your heart out, Doug the Pug.