Meet Reese Witherspoon's 4 Adorable Doggos, Including New Puppy Major!

Reese Witherspoon may be a mom of three kiddos, but like her Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods, the actress is also a very devoted dog mama. At any given time, Reese tends to have a few pups running around the house, and she shares adorable photos of them all on Instagram.

Keep scrolling to learn more about her four current dogs — including her new puppies, Minnie Pearl and Major! — as well as Nash and Pepper, her pups who have most recently passed.

Minnie Pearl

On Nov. 9, Reese announced that a new pup was joining the family, just a few weeks after the dog's older fur sister, Pepper, passed. "Introducing Minnie Pearl," Reese wrote on Instagram. "Welcome to the family little one."


Just over two months after welcoming Minnie Pearl into the fold, Reese shared that she added a black Labrador named Major to the mix. "Welcome to our family, Major!"

The sweet-eyed pup shares his name with the first rescue dog in the White House (soon-to-be, that is!), Joe Biden's dog, Major.


Although we're unsure of when exactly Hank the chocolate Labrador joined the family, the pup has been all over Reese's Instagram account since its creation in 2013. Although he's often pictured relaxing and catching sun, we know Hank is a happy boy — possibly too happy. In December 2014, the sweet boy broke his tail from wagging too hard!


On June 25, 2019, Reese shared that the family had added a bulldog puppy named Lou to their crew. "Welcome to the family, Lou!" Reese captioned a photo introducing the blue-eyed good boy to her Instagram followers. Lou is definitely the snuggliest of Reese's pups from what we can tell — he's always taking naps with Tennessee or trying to get up on chairs with Reese.


Reese first introduced Pepper the Frenchie on Instagram on April 24, 2016. The sweet gray pup was by Reese's side in so many of her Instagram photos until Pepper's passing in October. "Our sweet Pepper passed away yesterday," Reese shared on Oct. 20. "My goodness, she was such a loyal and devoted family member. I am so heart broken, but I am also deeply grateful for all the love and comfort she brought our family. Now she's in dog heaven where all great pets go. Chasing tennis balls, running through open fields of wild flowers and being the Queen that she is. That's what I believe. 🎾🌸 👑 We will always love you, Pepper."


Reese's German shepherd, Nash, made appearances on the actress's Instagram dating back to its creation in 2013. On April 28, 2019, the actress shared that Nash had passed. "Rest In Peace, Our Sweet dog, Nash 😥🙏🏻," she captioned the above photo. "Hope you are running through gorgeous fields of grass and eating all the treats you want in Dog Heaven."