If This "Sad Cat Diary" About a Kitty Whose Food Bowl Is Half-Full Isn't on Point, What Is?

If your cats are anything like mine, then you're no stranger to being woken up at 3 a.m. by a furbaby pawing at you and carrying on in the hopes of getting an early breakfast. Recently, a TikTok user capitalized on just how absurd kitties can be when it comes to getting their two square meals a day, and it totally checks out.

The clip starts with a voiceover originally from the "Sad Cat Diary" video that went viral in 2013. "Dear Diary, my food dish is now only half-full," the deadly serious voice says. "It is obvious that I will soon starve to death. I have repeatedly tried to draw attention to my predicament, but they are clearly either stupid, deaf, or just cruel."

Pair those words with a piercing look from the angry cat in question, and you have internet gold. The kitty's owner captioned the video, "That look at the end...," and nope, the timing couldn't be any better!