These Videos of Cats and Dogs Hanging Out Prove You Don't Have to Be the Same Species to Be BFFs

As someone who has five cats and a gigantic Black Lab, I've seen first-hand that pups can get along swimmingly with kitties. Whether I stumble upon sweet cuddly moments or catch a glimpse of them sniffing each other out, it's always enough to make me stop dead in my tracks from witnessing such cuteness. In order to celebrate these seemingly unlikely friendships, I rounded up some of my favorite videos of four-legged friends spending time together, and yes, they all make my heart ache with joy. Scroll ahead to get a look at some truly heartwarming clips that prove friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

They go on walks together.

They nap together.

They turn to each other for comfort.

They have bath time.

They judge their humans.

They support each other.

They bring each other everywhere.

They wait for their humans at dinnertime.

They beg for attention.