This Rescue Dog Was Too Afraid to Walk on Hardwood Floor, So His New Owners Came Up With the Sweetest Workaround


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As a proud mom to a rescue pup, I have learned that shelter dogs often come with a few, erm, quirks. Mine, for instance, doesn't like plastic bags, people wearing baseball caps, or this one fuzzy sweater I have had to hide in the back of my closet. The new parents to a 6-month-old German Shepherd pup got a taste of such strange-yet-sweet idiosyncrasies when they brought him home for the first time.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the young dog stood just inside the front door, whimpering and refusing to step off the welcome mat onto the tile floor in front of him.

"He has never been inside before," the owner said. "This is his first time walking on tile and wood floors."

After trying to coax him with a deli meat treat, the new owners opted to go another route to get him inside. They gathered up other area rugs to create a path for him to walk.

The video has nearly 620,000 likes and is the perfect example of how we can't help but spoil these animals. One thing the new owner said is clear: "This dog's life is about to get 100 times better in his new home."