People Are Sharing Unflattering Photos of Their Pets on Social Media, and How Delightful!

As pet owners, our camera rolls tend to be filled with dozens of pictures of our four-legged friends. At any given moment, you can scroll through my phone and stumble upon what amounts to a zillion outtakes of my cats and dog living their best lives. While we normally post the best pictures to our feeds, a new social media movement called the #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge invites humans to share the less-Instagram-worthy shots of their fur babies.

Although we aren't exactly sure where and how this social media challenge began, it's certainly one we can get behind! Ahead, find a selection of photos cat owners have shared to Twitter, Instagram, and beyond while participating in this hilarious movement that anyone living in the year 2020 can certainly use right now.

Pictures From the #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge