This Dog Is Literally Playing Volleyball With 3 Humans, and I Dare Say She's the Superior Teammate

Kiara the flat-coated retriever may technically be a dog, but she's giving us major seal vibes in a video showcasing her incredible volleyball skills. In the video, the pup — whose Instagram, @kiarathevolleydog, stresses how much she loves volleyball — uses her snout to volley the ball to her human partner in a game against two other players (also human).

The video was shared by Norwegian beach volleyball player Mathias Berntsen, Kiara's partner in the video. Each time the ball comes the pair's way, Mathias hits the ball first, Kiara sets it back to him, and Mathias sends it back over the net to the other team. And even though it's high-energy, the back-and-forth is so soothing to watch!

See the full video above, and follow Kiara to see more of her volleyball adventures.