Please Watch This Adorable Golden Retriever Carrying a Towel Because He Knows He’s Not Allowed in With Wet Feet

Whenever my Golden Retriever goes outside in the rain (or when the sprinklers are on), it takes a few seconds of her being out there before the water penetrates her thick coat and actually soaks her — there's a duck-like quality to Goldens' coats that makes water fly off of them at first. But once she's soaked, she. is. soaked. And it takes more than a few towels to dry her off. And even though it's been years of the same rules — no wet doggy inside (hey, she can slip!) — my Golden never knows to wait for me to find a towel.

But good boy Cooper the Golden Retriever is no such dog. Even though his owner put up a sign reminding everyone that he can't come inside until his paws are dried off, he doesn't need reminding. In a Reddit video shared this morning, the happy little pup walks up to the sliding back door with a towel in his mouth, ready to get the routine started. Cooper knows the drill, and he's not wasting any time before coming back inside. Someone dry him off so he can come in and play!