This Golden Retriever Slowly Stealing a Sock Off Its Human Is the Greatest Display of Dog Patience I’ve Ever Seen

Any wise Golden Retriever will tell you that when it comes to stealing a warm, stinky sock off of a human, you can't just go all willy-nilly. There's an art to it. It involves carefully tugging at the sock ever so slightly so you can get some of the fabric loose at the toe. Then once you've done that, you rearrange the placement of said sock in your mouth, being ever so careful to not — I repeat, NOT — catch your owner's toes in the process. It can go on like this for minutes until the process is complete.

In this viral video on Instagram, Cooper the Golden Retriever demos the sport of sock theft by showing us the move close up. His lip quivers as he slowly tries to get the first tug just right, and once he does, he gets into position and pulls. "How to steal a sock 101," his owner proudly wrote on Instagram.

Cooper is clearly a master at this sport, and the proof is in the sock.