I Could Watch This Kitten Named Pierogi Make a Mess Out of Her Water Bowl All Day

A foster cat mom and radio personality Howard Stern's wife, Beth Stern, had noticed a daily mess at one of the cats' shared water bowls, but couldn't figure out how the surrounding area was getting so wet all the time — until she caught the "little cute stinker" culprit in the act. As it turns out, one of her foster kittens named Pierogi loves splashing around in the bowl and flicks out the ice cubes floating around inside. In a video posted to Beth's Instagram, Pierogi can be seen trying to scoop out a cube, and though Beth's commentary in the video is accusatory, she quickly relents to Pierogi's utter cuteness and laughs at the little kitten's antics. Watch the video above for yourself, especially if you're still of the belief that cats don't like getting wet!